Enigmatic Piran Strange is a modern artist and champion of the arts and Cornish heritage.

Piran Strange

His visually bold and unique work adorns many walls in the City – and those of his extensive clientele.

Creating the avant garde and innovative aspects of contemporary painting, the artist invests profits from the sale of his work in the annual Piran Strange Prize for Young Artists – the UK’s largest junior art award.

He owes his inspiration to the notion that everyone contains the spirit of an “inner Piran” – a heroic streak that enables us to shine and commit acts of derring-do.

Inspired by the Saint of Cornish Tin Miners, the artist is the alter ego of London-based insurance broker, David Barrie.

David is also a trustee of the St Piran Trust – a Cornish charity committed to excavating the oldest Christian building on mainland Britain – the Oratory Chapel, currently buried by sand dunes at Perranporth.