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Piran crosses The Atlantic

Enigmatic Piran Strange is a modern artist and champion of the arts &Cornish heritage.

He is now set to bring his unique and distinctive work to the United States next month (April) by staging an exhibition at The Cricket Club in Philadelphia.

The ground-breaking exhibition – which runs from April 29th to May 3rd – is titled simply: Piran Strange.

Piran is the alter ego of David Barrie – who channels his flair for painting to fund his passion for the works.

The Philadelphia exhibition showcases 20 of Piran’s works, all acrylics and oils on canvas – with the revolutionary, “moving sculpture in acrylic technique”, unique to David. He creates his masterpieces in a studio on the streets of London – close to Waterloo railway station.

The exhibition centrepiece is Resurrection (see gallery) – a stark and powerful image, showcasing Piran’s unique talent.Resurrection

For more examples of Piran’s work, visit the gallery page at